WWE is a predetermined entertainment sporting event and that fact has been well established for a very long time. But it wasn’t always totally rehearsed in advance like it is nowadays. If you’ve ever wondered how the cameras on WWE television are able to catch so many angles at the right moments, that is because everything is blocked out at this point like a long stage fight.
On a recent episode of Something To Wrestle With, Bruce Prichard said it was “Vince McMahon all the way” giving Shane advice and making sure he makes it real. He even resorted to creating the practice of rehearsing everything in the ring beforehand to make sure everything went the best it could which is still a practice WWE uses today.

“He worked with him on everything and this was in a lot of respects the first introduction where we would rehearse at this point. We would go into the ring and make sure everything is blocked out and allow guys to go over their promos and go over where they needed to be for the cameras. But also, for Shane to be more comfortable in the ring.”

At this point, WWE is a totally scripted show and 99.98% of what you see is planned out. There is the occasional change of plans or adlibbing if the Superstar is allowed to, but mostly it is all blocked out. Now we know that Shane McMahon is to thank for a lot of that too because his dad wanted to make sure that a McMahon is believable on camera.
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H Jenkins

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