EXCLUSIVE: James Ellsworth Victim Likely to Press Charges

James Ellsworth has made headlines today after Twitter user @Kliqkid has revealed the former WWE Superstar made sexual advances towards her through his Snapchat. In fact, the reported victim has revealed Ellsworth sent her nudes of himself.

Ellsworth has already responded to the claims, denying them. We’ve spoken to the victim and she revealed exclusively to us that her family is considering pressing charges. We also asked her what her reaction was to Ellsworth’s comments.

Here is what Kenzie, the victim, had to say:

“He is a celebrity, so obviously he’s going to bring an attorney into this, but my family and I are considering pressing charges.”

It remains to be seen what the future is for this case, though if this does go to court and the victim is proven to be right, this could be the end for Ellsworth’s wrestling career.

It is also worth noting that Ellsworth is married and has several children. The victim has claimed Ellsworth used his family as a way of sympathy to continue talking to her.

Stay tuned to Ringside News for further updates on this horrific news.

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