Shane McMahon is The Best In The World, but few people realize that he might have gotten that good because of who he trained with. Some people can say they’ve had some great trainers, but McMahon learned the ropes with “Macho Man” Randy Savage and he was ferocious from the getgo.
Bruce Prichard spoke about McMahon’s early training sessions with Shane McMahon during Something To Wrestle With where he said that Vince didn’t want Shane-O taking bumps. But you can’t tell Shane what to do.

“He would get to the towns early obviously and set up the ring. He would ask me and Randy Savage, ‘Hey would you guys mind, Randy would you get in the ring with me and show me some stuff?’ So Randy and I used to go over to the buildings early in the afternoon after they set up the ring and worked with Shane.”
“I was the first one to have to take some of those stiff-ass f*cking tackles from that crazy son of a b*tch and I remember the first time he locked up with Randy and he goes, ‘Ooo brother, loosen up, uh huh, yeeeah it’s a dance, brother not a fight. You don’t wanna fight with me, loosen up.’ So we would go in the ring every day that we were on the road and get in the ring with him during the day and work out in the ring a little bit and go to the gym and work out and that was early on when he was on the ring crew.”

Obviously, Shane McMahon ended up liking the art of taking bumps in the ring because he made quite a habit of it. Only time will tell when we’ll see Shane take another giant leap in a WWE ring, but he got a lot of his preliminary pointers from one of the greatest to ever drop an elbow.
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