Video Footage Of Enzo Amore Getting Kicked Off Airplane

Enzo Amore is a very busy guy and going as Real1 as he focuses on his rap career. He is also apparently vaping pretty heavily as well especially when he’s not supposed to.

Amore was kicked off of a plane today because he was vaping and kept doing it even when the staff asked him not to. In fact, we have heard it was more of an argument between the two, one which the flight attendant obviously won since Real1 was booted from the flight.

It was said that Enzo was “screaming at the flight” attendant according to the video uploaded by Reddit user iAmOneNineSeven which also included a video of Amore getting booted off the plane.

In this video, you can clearly hear the cameraman ask “how you doin’?” and it takes Enzo a second for it to process, but he turned around and gave a big smile.