Shane McMahon surprised the world when he entered himself into the World Cup at Crown Jewel. The final had come down to The Miz vs. Dolph Ziggler as Survivor Series came early. Due to a kayfabe injury during the match, McMahon stepped in to defend his brand.
The majority of fans have been vocal about their distaste for this result, given that the World Cup was won by a Superstar that barely wrestles and obviously has the McMahon name attached. Some, in fact, even called this a shot at CM Punk, who used “Best In The World” throughout his career.
RAW Superstar Sasha Banks took to her Instagram account to share her… unique take on things. She showcased a photo of McMahon with the World Cup trophy. However, her face had been poorly edited onto the tournament winner.
Banks adds the caption “I’ll just be over here,” though the message is loud and clear. Banks has been open in claiming to be the “Best In The World” for years. From interviews to her character inside and outside of the ring, Banks has constantly said that she is the best, and she’d do anything to prove it.
Take a look:

Banks is often very cryptic with her social media. This post in itself could be seen as Banks wanting to further advocate herself as the best. She is not booked to appear at Survivor Series this weekend, and it appears she is nowhere near the title picture on RAW. This could be seen as her way of drawing attention.
Do you want to see Banks in a larger role? Which women’s wrestler is your favorite? Let us know your thoughts, opinions, and reactions in those comments below.

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