WWE SmackDown After Survivor Series Attendance Could Be Scary — Tickets Dropped Under $10

WWE Survivor Series is rolling into Los Angles this Sunday, but the Staples Center will play host to 4 big shows. But if you look at the ticket sales, only one of those shows is likely to be a full house.

Dave Meltzer noted on Wrestling Observer Radio that the tickets are not moving for SmackDown and at this point, prices have dropped to a very low point in order to try and encourage people to stick around till Tuesday.

“I don’t know the advance for [NXT TakeOver: WarGames] I saw a seat map and there were tons of tickets available at the NXT show. The Sunday show [Survivor Series] is sold out but the NXT show — I don’t a number but it was tons and the secondary market is very weak for every show on this tour except for — Survivor Series is weaker on the secondary market than most of your big pay-per-views have been, much weaker. But the other three, you know.”

“Raw has a ton of tickets left too when I last saw the chart but SmackDown is the one that’s going to be scary from what I understand. They got tickets available at $9 now so you know that it’s weak right now.”

The SmackDown Live after a big event is often the one that takes a hit when it comes to the crowd. People have already had 3 days of wrestling if not longer and the Tuesday show is often left off of fans’ agendas — or they run out of money.

In a way, it’s a good thing that they’re moving to Fridays next year so they won’t have that issue because WWE could be in a fresh town by then ready to put on what is likely to become the A-Show for WWE.

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