RAW Superstar Dash Wilder isn’t happy with wrestlers using variations of the Cutter. In fact, Wilder took to Twitter to ask that all wrestlers stop using the move if it isn’t as good as the variation SmackDown Live Superstar Randy Orton does.
For context, a Cutter can be likened to Orton’s RKO. The RKO was based off a Cutter, and this is a very common move used on the independent circuit. Some Superstars use it as a finishing maneuver, though the majority seem to incorporate it as an aspect of their matches.
Wilder goes on to say that he misses a time when wrestlers didn’t rely so heavily on the move, which continues to gain popularity with audiences and talent around the world. You can take a look at the tweet he sent out below.

There are many variations of the Cutter, with few used as finishing moves. Johnny Ace, Diamond Dallas Page and Orton himself are three of the most prominent users of the move- though Superstars like Will Ospreay and Jay Lethal have also added the move to their extensive moveset.
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