How Becky Lynch’s Injury Actually Helped Her WWE Career In A Way

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Becky Lynch is unable to work Survivor Series because of the fact that she suffered a broken nose and severe concussion during the final segment of the go-home Raw before Survivor Series. But even though she was pulled from that high profile match, The Wrestling Observer Newsletter brought up the fact that this could actually help The Man’s career in the end.

It was said that while Becky Lynch was likely to have been in a key position at WrestleMania, she wouldn’t have been considered for the main event against Rousey. But since WWE is booking Rousey vs Charlotte Flair at Survivor Series which was their idea for Mania, Lynch was moved into this position.

It was said that if the angle is hot enough by the time Mania rolls around that Rousey vs Lynch could very well main event the big pay-per-view event.

It seems like the idea that any injury happens at an awful time might not apply to Becky Lynch in this situation because getting pulled from her Survivor Series has pushed her even farther up the totem pole.

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