WWE Has Unique Challenge With Brock Lesnar vs Daniel Bryan At Survivor Series

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WWE really decided to shake things up before Survivor Series and draw a lot of curiosity to the event. It seems that Vince McMahon really wanted to see Brock Lesnar vs Daniel Bryan after all because he booked the match that was supposed to happen at the 2014 SummerSlam event.

But as Dave Meltzer noted on Wrestling Observer Radio, WWE is in a very strange situation at the present moment in regards to the way they can tell this match. If Daniel hadn’t turned heel following his WWE Championship win, it would have made things much easier, but his turn to the dark side has created another interesting situation.

“It’s a total makeshift show. Lesnar and Bryan is a very different match than Lesnar and AJ. Lesnar and AJ, we already know that if Brock Lesnar wants to do that match then it’s a great match. Lesnar and Bryan, with Bryan as a babyface I have no doubt that’s a great match because if Lesnar wants to work and give him some ‘hope spots’ and things like that.”

“I have no doubt as a freshly turned heel and being so much smaller, that’s just a really weird dynamic. The other thing too is that Bryan and the babyface thing would be catching him in submissions and Brock having to power out and all that. A submission master is very much a babyface role. Like the heel should be low blows and chopblocks and all that. You can do that to a degree but Daniel Bryan doing that to Brock and Brock’s a heel too. So I don’t know what the story’s going to be.”

It seems like WWE has a lot of options with the newly booked Daniel Bryan vs Brock Lesnar at Survivor Series. But only time will tell how they tell a story between two heels fighting for bragging rights.

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