Roman Reigns had to leave WWE in order to focus on himself and his health after leukemia came out of remission which was a shocking and sad announcement for everyone to hear. But since he left, now WWE must fill the void of not having a face of the brand.
Braun Strowman made Raw all about him when he stormed the ring to begin the night. He got Stephanie McMahon to agree to his demands which included a Universal Title Match, but he wants Baron Corbin first and he gets to pick the stipulation. That has led plenty of fans to wonder when he’ll be getting that title show.
Dave Meltzer discussed this during Wrestling Observer Radio where he had some pretty interesting insight on the matter. after all, for Braun to challenge for the Universal Title, they need Brock Lesnar to be around first.

“I get the feeling from watching that Braun Strowman’s going to be a top guy but they’re not going all the way with him because it felt like he’s getting a championship match before WrestleMania based on the way that deal went down — well, he could win the championship I suppose easily but that, I guess he could win the championship and be the guy but it didn’t feel like he was the guy to me for long-term. I just felt too much one dimensional.”
“They really don’t have a whole lot of choices. It really comes down to Strowman, Rollins, and McIntyre are your 3 choices. Rollins is already pretty complete but I still think they want a bigger guy in that spot. McIntyre comes closest, you know Strowman could be but he has so many limitations.”
“I really sensed a more and more direct focus on McIntyre so we’ll have to see the way it shakes out.”

It looks like Strowman vs Baron Corbin could very well be the TLC pay-per-view match that we’ve heard about already. A gimmick match is also very likely seeing how the entire theme of the pay-per-view is based around tables, ladders, and chairs. Only time will tell when the match against Lesnar will happen if Raw wins the Survivor Series match. But, the Royal Rumble is always a likely location.
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