The clue’s in the title – World Wrestling Entertainment – a crowd-pleasing spectacle which is certainly a sport but also, at times, more like show business. Like the competitors in the sport they adore, wrestling fans can often seem larger than life. The flamboyant displays of the wrestlers themselves, mixed with the passion of these devoted fans, means you are in for quite an experience should you happen to connect with a devotee on dating site or in some more conventional social settings. So what are five things you should really know about a relationship with a wrestling fan?

Their enthusiasm is hardly unique

The first thing you have to accept about dating a wrestling fan is it is no different to getting into a relationship with any sports aficionado. The levels of fanaticism which can be displayed are scarcely unique when compared to any number of passions. People who are enthusiastic about everything from their favorite rock band to a movie genre will display similar tendencies. What you need to get your head around is your wrestling fan’s chosen way of life is not unusual, and they are following a well-trodden path of individuals who have latched onto a particular hobby. Also, what else are enthusiasm and dedication than admirable character traits?

See beyond the stereotype

You might be tempted to view your partner’s behavior as some kind of stereotype. If you have never been subjected to this type of activity before, perhaps you have a fixed idea in your head of how WWE supporters are meant to behave. The reality check you need to give yourself is they are wrestling fans, yes, but are also, first and foremost, interesting and exciting individuals who just happen to fixate on a particular sporting outlet. You should always be prepared to see beyond preconceptions and appreciate the loving, three-dimensional person hiding behind the masks and costumes.

This is a full-time preoccupation

When you embark on a relationship with a wrestling fan, you need to understand this is not a casual interest. These levels of spectator intensity are not something that is going to burn out after the duration of several bouts. A passion for WWE will be so much more all-consuming. Be prepared to listen to a lot of conversation enthusing about favorite wrestlers, not to mention constant hopping through the sports channels as your partner continues their quest to find even more wrestling competitions to salivate over.

Being a fan isn’t a fad

You might have a notion this degree of adulation will peter out, if not over the next few months, then certainly within a year? Surely? Not so. There may be some sports fans who are fickle, such as supporters of football teams who lose interest when their favored club has a disastrous and trophy-less season. These so-called ‘glory-hunters’ will be swift to move on to the next potentially successful side. But you need to understand wrestling fans live and breathe WWE. In fact, far from being something they will eventually abandon, if anything it is more likely their love of wrestling will just keep growing… and growing.

Prepare to be drawn in

Perhaps the best piece of advice to be given to someone dating a wrestling fan is this. Rather than simply accepting your partner’s extreme interests, you might get a lot more out of your relationship if you actually embraced this action-packed sport, with its nail-biting contests and its many heroes and villains. If you were suddenly able to name key combatants and introduce them into your conversation, your partner would be beside themselves with joy!

Steve Carrier

Steve is the Founder of RingsideNews. He has been writing about professional wrestling since 1996. He first got into website development at the time and has been focusing on bringing his readers the best professional wrestling news at it's highest quality.

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