Alexa Bliss has been out of action for quite some time at this point and it seems like she isn’t coming back to the ring anytime soon. She’s booked in a captain role at Survivor Series, but she won’t be wrestling. It seems like WWE is going to play it very safe with Bliss due to multiple concussions.
We previously reported how WWE is using Bliss as a manager on the road during house shows, but that might be a temporary fix. Dave Meltzer noted on Wrestling Observer Radio, Bliss is dealing with multiple concussions which is why WWE is being so careful with her.

“The situation is there’s been a lot of talk going on with her So it was not just a concussion, she’s actually had multiple concussions in a short period of time. So that’s why they’re so cautious with her right now. I thought it was more than one but it’s not, I don’t know the number I just know there’s more than one. That’s not a good thing.”

Hopefully, Bliss will be able to make it back to the ring soon. Concussions happen all the time, but WWE is taking all the precautions they can with her to make sure that she heals up okay. A concussion isn’t Bliss’ fault, but it could really halt her career, especially if there are multiple concussions involved.
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