Pro wrestling history is full of mystery, especially when you consider The Undertaker and all the wonderful tricks he has been a part of throughout his career. One spot recently came to X-Pac’s attention and he just couldn’t help from revealing how they pulled it off.
If you remember this spot, then you probably don’t remember it as well as X-Pac does because he was the one getting burned in the face. The former DX member commented on this fireball spot saying: “People ask me ‘How did you guys do that? as if there was some kind of trick. No, he shot me in the face with a fireball & it burned.”
It turns out that sometimes the explanation to some of the biggest questions we might have is just as simple as that… it was real. Of course, The Undertaker wasn’t really magical — but the fire wasn’t fictional.
Lance Storm also commented saying: “Sometimes the obvious answer is the right answer.  How did you make it look like he threw fire in your face? He threw fire in my face.”
So the next time you question something in pro wrestling, maybe it’s a good idea to realize that they have to pull it off somehow and it could very well have been real.

H Jenkins

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