Nikki Cross Comments On Her WWE SmackDown Live Debut With SAnitY

Nikki Cross showed up on SmackDown Live this week and there were plenty of people who were very excited to see what she would be able to do. Cross might have lost her first match in Becky Lynch’s open challenge — but she took the champion to her limit.

Now as we continue on with Cross, it looks like SAnitY will be by her side once again. Just like in NXT, she will represent their brand on the Women’s Roster. Let’s just hope that Cross’ insertion into the mix will mean a much bigger role for the rest of SAnitY on SmackDown Live. Cross commented on Twitter about her debut alongside her twisted friends.

“Yellow or blue, SmackDown or NXT, by my side, by your side, behind the scenes, in the spotlight or in the shadows-my messed up little family always #Sanity #UnitedwePurge “there’s no need for rules…chaos has won”

SAnitY’s super cool entrance alone should make them a big deal on the main roster, but they’ve been scarce, to say the least. Hopefully, Cross’ debut wasn’t just a gimmick to pop the Manchester crowd and there are actually plans for them. Because they were a lot of fun in NXT.