Brock Lesnar is the WWE Universal Champion once again and it was a real shocking moment for the WWE Universe — but that’s the way Vince McMahon likes it. After all, many fans and possibly even the WWE roster expected Lesnar to take off back to the UFC where he is supposedly having another fight against a high-profile opponent whoever that might be.
Lesnar is clean now — because he’s not popping any USADA testing and he’s been tested — so it’s plausible that he’s training for an actual fight and not just driving up his price with WWE by teasing a UFC return big time. But as Dave Meltzer noted on Wrestling Observer Radio, this situation could always be an instance of Lesnar being a far shrewder businessman than we ever would have thought.

“This still may be nothing more than Brock playing Vince for the last year with the whole UFC — and Dana [White] too. You know, I mean when you watch the step by step by step and how much money he’s making the smartest one in this equations is supposed to be the lunkhead from Minnesota who’s not as smart guy and he’s proven himself to be who’s smarter in wrestling? No one, right?”
“They’ve backed up the Brinks truck to his house again — but if he’s wrestling at the Royal Rumble there’s no way he can [fight] in late-January, early-February against anyone they’re talking about [in the UFC]. But even if it’s WrestleMania are you gonna do a for the [UFC] Championship and come back at WrestleMania? What if you win the championship you’re not going to come back at WrestleMania — but you have to come back at WrestleMania because I’m sure that these 3 matches were contracted when he let Lesnar win. That I’m sure of — Vince is in no shape or form — in theory if he wrestles at Rumble because I’m sure he won’t be around for March or April.”
“But then here’s the thing, March is the deadline in theory — it’s not locked in stone — but that’s when [Daniel] Cormier says he’s retiring — it’s his birthday. So if Lesnar’s not wrestling until March… there’s a lot of interesting timing issues here. It may also go into the situation here that Lesnar could go into that match as the champion against Cormier, maybe Jon Jones or whoever and the WWE Champion may walk into a UFC fight and get destroyed. Which I guess it’s okay but promotions have gone through great lengths over the years to make sure that never happens.”

It was noted that in today’s day and age, that might not matter because traditional logic is somewhat out the window. But you never know what’s going on in WWE — especially when you’re talking about Brock Lesnar.
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