John Cena will not be traveling to Saudi Arabia for WWE Crown Jewel. He told WWE about this weeks ago and WWE Creative knew that he wouldn’t be on the show — but they still waited until the go-home Raw to write him off and they decided on a very interesting reason too.
But the WWE Crown Jewel show is happening regardless of Cena’s participation. This is making some fans sad, especially those who are going to be at the show. But our source has confirmed that plenty of people are stoked about seeing Hulk Hogan so that kind of made them forget about it.
While it’s impossible to know exactly what Cena means when he tweets out random life lessons, this time it’s extremely interesting because he’s talking about “actions” and “choices” and how they might offend people.
John Cena is a huge Hollywood box office celebrity at this point so going to SKA might have been a huge PR hit for him. After all, John Oliver used a clip of him thanking Saudi Arabia’s government at the Greatest Royal Rumble and we’re sure he doesn’t want a repeat of that.

“Take accountability for your actions and choices. Know that not everyone will see your point of view. If you offend anyone, apologize and ask for forgiveness.”

This is a very interesting tweet from Big Match John for sure, especially seeing how he’s skipping out on a pretty big match as well because it was rumored that he was supposed to face Rey Mysterio in the first round of the tournament. But in spite of WWE reportedly offering Cena way more cash, he still declined to travel to Saudi Arabia.
Only time will tell when WWE can get John Cena to come back and work a program or even a match that he’s promoted for. But in the meantime, those words of wisdom from Super Cena might be enough to help us understand where he’s coming from a little bit.

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