WWE Evolution was an event that might have just inspired a ton of little girls to become WWE Superstars someday. For all we know, there were a couple younger fans in the crowd at the pay-per-view in the Nassau Coliseum who will someday be cutting promos in a WWE ring talking about how they were in attendance during the historic show — and WWE just might have video evidence of them in attendance.
WWE’s production is a well-oiled machine and just about every cut is done for a reason. There was certainly a good amount of storytelling on camera during Evolution and it didn’t all happen in the ring because a picture is also worth 1,000 words.
Brad Shepard reports that a source in WWE told him: “The real victory is in all of the camera shots of little girls cheering in the crowd. The audience was made up of a lot of potential new fans. Even girls who aren’t into wrestling per se watched the show. So, they do have something there.“
WWE is continually growing and making new fans and WWE Evolution was considered a huge success in that regard. Therefore, it shouldn’t be surprising to see even more all-female pay-per-view events either because they are obviously working to bring in a new fan base which could help carry WWE to even more generations of fans.

H Jenkins

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