WWE has been going through some big changes since Roman Reigns announced that his leukemia was back and he needed to take time off in order to focus on his health. Since then, WWE hasn’t been shy at all about mentioning Roman’s fight against leukemia on screen — especially if it brings heat. But since his hiatus, the company needs a new top draw to rely on.
Ronda Rousey’s emergence in WWE saw her produce some impressive work in the ring because she works so hard at it. She’s brought a lot of eyes to the company, and at this point she could be WWE’s go-to from this point on for marquee matches.
Brad Shepard reports that a source in WWE told him: “Ronda’s absolutely the main draw right now.”
This makes sense in regards to not only her name’s drawing power but also what she’s been able to accomplish in her short career as a WWE Superstar so far. So don’t be surprised to see WWE continue an emphasis on Rousey more than ever at this point as her full-time status as a WWE Superstar certainly hasn’t gone unnoticed by management.

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