WWE Evolution left a lot of people impressed with not only the style and performance of what they were able to do in the ring but also how different WWE can make a pay-per-view event feel. The reason for this difference might have also been more behind the camera than what was going on in the ring.
Many fans were left inspired by what those women were able to do in the squared circle, but the next night on Raw the event was hardly even mentioned in spite of it still blowing up the IWC.
Mike Johnson had a very astute theory on PW Insider Elite audio about why WWE aired the slideshows from WWE Evolution but pretty much ignored the event took place on the previous night in many other ways where they will usually at least mention the pay-per-view event that just happened.

“I have a theory as to why they didn’t have a strong follow-up on the show. This show was not produced by Kevin Dunn and his band of merry men. It was the NXT team that produced that show and directed that show — Hunter’s team.”
“So I wonder if there was a disconnect there between side A and side B and the Kevin Dunn Monday Night Raw production side said, ‘We have to focus on this, the women’s stuff isn’t that important — that’s the other team.’ Maybe there’s this little bit of competition there.”

Dave Scherer noted that it might have been more in line with WWE’s thinking that they’re always on to the next event so they can’t dwell in the past too much — after all, WWE Crown Jewel is the next Friday. But it’s still an interesting thing to think about as WWE continues moving forward with the WWE Women’s Revolution and they also prepare for a trip to Saudi Arabia.
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