It surprised a lot of people when Emma was released from WWE following her 2 matches against Asuka which were the former NXT Women’s Champion’s first 2 on the main roster. But since her release, it’s still all about Emma — only she’s known as Tenille Dashwood once again.
Dashwood recently started talking openly about psoriasis that she suffers from and it even caused her to cancel a string of dates. She posted a few pictures to social media which shows her disease and she also detailed her struggle.

I never pictured myself suffering from an auto immune disease and being covered from head to toe with a skin condition. I never pictured myself having surgery on my spine because a herniated disc was touching my spinal cord. I also didn’t imagine that I’d be recovering from a second shoulder surgery now, let alone a first! But here I am… realizing this is life. In fact, it’s these things that made me who I am!
I’ve had my lows, but with each low I’ve scrambled for answers and solutions, I’ve fought, I’ve researched and I’ve done everything I can to get better. I’ve dreamed big and I’ve learned not to take life for granted.
The physical damage is rough yes, but the mental and emotional damage far outweighs that. You just never know what someone is going through.

She said at first that she debated on posting these revealing photos in the first place, but decided to share her issues so that others might be able to understand what she’s going through. She continued explaining that things are actually healing for her — but by no means is this is a promise that she’s done with the disease for good. After all, she’s dealing with something that can always flare up once again.

This is by no means the worst of what it’s been, this is on the mend actually. My entire body was covered.
In these photo the red spots had started to calm. The white spots were the result of red marks resolving and causing loss of pigmentation. The even more extreme photos I have are reminders of how far I’ve come and that things could be worse. I added an old photo too so you can see me at one of my extreme stages like what it was again this time.

Hopefully, she won’t have to deal with this kind of thing again, or at least to this extent. But you have to give Tenille loads of credit for being brave enough to tell her story and share these pictures. That couldn’t have been an easy thing to do.

H Jenkins

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