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Tonight’s RAW is set to be a pretty big show; Brock Lesnar will appear to build his match with Braun Strowman, Dean Ambrose explains his actions, and the fallout from the all-women PPV, Evolution!
Starting with Evolution, it was a great show from top to bottom! Evolution felt an awful lot like an NXT TakeOver event, and I think it really benefited from that scaled-down approach. The matches got plenty of time and there wasn’t a single dud on the card, how often can we say that for main roster PPV’s? Match of the night, hands-down, must go to Charlotte Flair and Becky Lynch. However, that’s SmackDown drama and this is Monday Night RAW. Ronda Rousey retained her Women’s Championship over Nikki Bella in a really good match last night, and Nia Jax won a battle royal that means she’s next in line. This seems like an odd move because we just recently had Nia Vs. Ronda, and another heel turn for Jax would be terrible, but that seems like the route they’re taking. Beyond that, Trish and Lita defeated Mickie and Foxy, and The Riott Squad lost a tag team match against Sasha, Bayley, and Natalya. Those are the main focal points of last night’s show, as it pertain to tonight’s RAW.
As for the dudes, tonight’s show will feature the highly-anticipated fallout from Dean Ambrose’s heel turn on last week’s RAW. It’s no secret that last week’s RAW was an emotional one, so Ambrose turning was a real hit to a raw nerve. The shocking change needs an explanation from the Lunatic Fringe, although I think we already know what he’s going to say. Still, this feud will blow the roof off of every arena for the next few months.
And then there’s the Beast. Brock Lesnar returns to Monday Night RAW for the first time in a while, and it comes on the news that he will now be facing Braun Strowman one-on-one for the Universal Championship at Crown Jewel. I’m sure Lesnar and Strowman will come face-to-face tonight and throwdown, and it seems Braun has reverted back to being a big ole babyface. With how things have been going with Roman Reigns’ news, the Saudi Arabia debacle, and so many random face turns, we need some stability on the show and a babyface Braun Strowman at the helm could be the way to do it.
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Monday Night RAW opens with a look back at Roman Reigns’ announcement last week about his leukaemia diagnosis, it transcends into a sweet tribute video to Reigns.

We go live to the arena in Charlotte, North Carolina, where Acting General Manager Baron Corbin is in the ring – with the Universal Championship on his shoulder. Corbin says last week was not only one of the hardest weeks in his role as GM, but in his career. He pauses for a moment before saying life moves on and he hopes Roman Reigns never returns to RAW. The fans boo and he says we know that belt looks good on him. He says Roman did not make his job easy…
Corbin is interrupted by none other than Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman! The duo get into the ring and Corbin begins introducing them but Heyman stops him. Paul then introduces himself and Lesnar the only way he knows how. Heyman says we live in historic times, because in four days from now history will be made once again when Lesnar takes the Universal Championship back home. In order to do that though, Lesnar has to beat Braun Strowman at Crown Jewel. Heyman compares the upcoming match to the Superbowl and the Oscars. He continues building up Brock and saying he will win until Strowman comes out.
Strowman comes to the ring and the fans lightly chant “get these hands”. Strowman says that, at Crown Jewel, he is going to become the Universal Champion. Brock and Braun square-up and Corbin tries to get between them, so Braun tosses him away. Corbin then attacks Braun from behind but eats a running powerslam for this troubles. Strowman returns to staring at Brock, then hits Corbin with another powerslam as Lesnar poses with his title. Braun then lifts Corbin and hits a third powerslam, this time though Brock waits behind him and hits Braun with an F5! Brock poses with the title belt before throwing it onto Strowman and walking out.

We return to the announce table, where Michael Cole send us to a video of Dean Amrbose turning on Seth Rollins last week. We’ll hear from Dean Ambrose tonight. Also happening tonight, DX and the Brothers of Destruction in the same ring, and there will be a 10-woman tag team match, featuring Trish Stratus and Lita! Finn Balor makes his way to the ring for a match with Bobby Lashley, but that takes place after the break!
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Lio Rush comes out first. Rush says Finn is just an ordinary guy, who got lucky last week when he pinned Lashley. He says there is nothing that bothers Lashley more than a guy with false confidence. He says Lashley is going to beat Finn, he knows it and so do the people in North Carolina.

Finn Balor Vs. Bobby Lashley W/Lio Rush

The bell rings, and Lashley powers Balor into the corner before driving some shoulders into the midsection. Lashley connects with a sidewalk slam, and Rush chants “Lashley” at ringside. Lashley applies a nervehold while Rush talks him up at ringside. Lashley scoops him up, but Balor knocks him out of the ring. Balor hits the ropes and wipes Lashley out with a summersault senton.


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We’re back from the break and Lashley is beating Finn across the middle rope. He brings him to the middle of the room and applies a trap submission. Finn starts to fight to his feet, so Lashley simply picks him up and slams him down. Lashley stands over Finn while Rush talks trash, then goes back to the submission hold.
Lashley lifts Finn for a powerbomb but the Irishman gets back to his base and flips Bobby over, then hits a double stomp. Balor chops him before having a whip to the corner reversed. Balor tries to slingshot over him, but Lashley catches him and hits a spinning slam for a near fall. Balor manages to catch him with a Sling Blade and dropkicks him into the corner. Lio Rush tries to distract him, but is unsuccessful. Balor jumps over Lashley as he gets up. Balor manages to take him down and goes to the top rope, but Rush shoves him to the floor and the referee calls for the bell.

Winner Via Disqualification: Finn Balor

The end of the match is not the end of the beatdown. Lashley slams Balor into the barricade and apron a few times before getting him in the ring. Lashley then applies a full nelson. Lio Rush gets in the ring and talks some trash while slapping Balor in the face. Balor is out from the pressure of the full nelson. The crowd loudly boos. Rush orders Lashley to pick Balor up and the big man acquiesces. Rush then slaps Balor in the face as the fans boo. Rush starts chanting “Lashley” while he poses.

After the break, we’ll apparently be seeing something from last night’s PPV that wasn’t aired.
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We come back from the break to see Rush and Lashley walking backstage. They walk into a trainer’s room to find Baron Corbin holding his ribs. Corbin says he is impressed with what they just did. He said Finn is just a thorn in his side and has been for months, but Lashley fixed that. Lashley says that Finn isn’t on his level and Corbin agrees. Corbin says he will give Lashley a chance to prove himself at Crown Jewel, in the World Cup tournament. Lashley says the tournament is already full, to which Corbin says he can replace someone who did nothing to earn his spot: John Cena. We go back to the announce table and Renee says that’s not fair but Graves reiterates that Cena did nothing to earn that opportunity. It’s worth noting that Cena refused to appear at Crown Jewel because of the heated political/murder case that recently happened. Bear in mind, Daniel Bryan also refused to appear, so we can assume he’ll be written out of his title match with AJ Styles as well.
We see photos of Ronda Rousey’s win over Nikki Bella last night, then it is announced that Ronda will face Becky Lynch at Survivor Series! We see a clip from last night, after the event, when Becky interrupted an interview with Ronda and they passive-aggressively congratulated each other.

Lita and Trish Stratus make their entrance, followed by Sasha Banks, Natalya, and Bayley. We’re in for 10-woman tag action next!
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Kind of ironic that the women go from a full PPV to all of them being squished into one match tonight.

Sasha Banks, Bayley, Natalya, Trish Stratus, & Lita Vs. Ruby Riott, Liv Morgan, Sarah Logan, Alicia Fox, & Mickie James

Hall of Famer Trish Stratus starts the match against Sarah Logan. They lock up, and Stratus hits a snapmare before taunting her to bring it. Stratus hits a headlock takeover and catches an incoming Ruby Riott with a head-scissor takeover simultaneously. Liv Morgan tags in, and Stratus hits a Lou Thesz Press before punching away at her.

Lita tags in, and they hit a clothesline Poetry in Motion on Morgan. Lita chops the chest before having a whip reversed. Lita hits a head-scissor takeover before connecting with a sweeping DDT. Lita goes to the top rope, but Logan and Riott pulls Morgan out of the ring. Bayley and Banks then hit them with stereo baseball slides before taking Fox and James out with crossbodies off of the apron!
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We’re back and Bayley has Alicia Fox grounded with a submission. Bayley tags Trish, who tags Sasha Banks, and they do a dance, followed by a double elbow drop on Foxy. Sasha then rolls up Fox for a two count. Banks hits the ropes, but James grabs her foot. Fox then kicks Banks in the face for a near fall. Mickie James tags in, and she applies a chin lock to Banks.
Banks fights up, but James knees her in the midsection. Banks quickly slingshots over her, but James stops her from making a tag. James slams Banks into her corner and tags Logan in. Logan tries for a suplex, but Banks counters into an inside cradle for a two count. Logan quickly dropkicks her for a near fall. Logan then applies an arm bar. Banks fights up, but Logan powers her down. Banks fights out and tries for a tag, but Logan cuts her off. Riott tags in, and she stomps away at Banks. James and Fox get some cheap shots in while Riott distracts the referee. Riott applies a front facelock. Riott quickly powers Banks down and knocks Lita off the apron. Riott mocks Banks and charges, but Banks sidesteps her. Riott knocks The Riott Squad off the apron. Fox quickly tags herself in and attacks Banks.

Sasha creates some distance from Foxy and makes a desperate move for her corner. Natalya tags in, and she takes Fox down before taking her down for a low dropkick. Natalya hits a spinning lariat, but Logan breaks up the pin. Stratus takes Logan out before hitting a handspring head-scissor on James. Banks hits a meteora on James. Bayley and Lita hit Morgan and Riott with dual Twists of Fate. Bayley goes to the top rope and hits Riott with a diving elbow. Lita then hits Morgan with a Lita-sault. Lita and Natalya hit Fox with a Hart Attack for a near fall. Natalya immediately follows up with a Sharpshooter for the submission victory.

Winners: Sasha Banks, Natalya, Bayley, Lita, & Trish Stratus

We see photos of the big battle royal last night, which Nia Jax won. We get an interview with Jax backstage. Kayla Braxton asks Jax when she will challenge for the Women’s Championship. Nia says Ronda has Becky next, but after that she will be waiting for her. Braxton says Nia was very impressive last night as she eliminated four competitors, but not as impressive as the next guest, who eliminated five, Ember Moon! The She-nom comes in and says last night was amazing and felt like lightning. Nia interrupts and says Ember was impressive, but at the end of the day, she won, so shouldn’t Braxton be talking to her? Nia refers to Moon as “little Ms. lightning in a bottle”. Moon says she is grateful for debuting as Nia’s partner and for all the guidance she has given, and she sure hopes that she has respect for her, but how about they have a match tonight? Nia agrees and warns Ember that even when she caught that lightning, she still couldn’t beat her. I was right, they’ve turned Nia heel again. That marks Jax’s fourth turn of this year.

We see some replays of Triple H Vs. The Undertaker at Super Show Down. Both D-X and the Brothers of Destruction will be here tonight!
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We’re back and so is Elias! The former drifter introduces himself before playing a little ditty. He says he came to Charlotte early because Ric Flair wanted to hang out with him. He says Flair brought him to his house and told him he’s his favourite star right now, and Elias says he knows, he’s everyone’s favourite. Apparently Flair loved what Elias did to Baron Corbin last week, i.e. hit him with his guitar. Elias plays the clip again and the fans chant “yes!”. He says it felt good, despite it destroying his Fender. He says he had planned to play something for Corbin tonight, but it doesn’t look like he can make it out tonight. That said, the song is too good and Elias is a giver, so he’s gonna play it anyways. Elias takes his guitar and walks backstage. Along the way he meets Dana Brooke, who asks for a song, and he blanks her. Elias makes his way to Corbin’s dressing room. He knocks the door but Corbin won’t come out. He plays the song outside the door, and insults Corbin multiple times until the GM bursts through the door. He finishes his song anyway and Corbin runs back into the room holding his ribs. Before Elias can say his last word – teasing a swear – Jinder Mahal attacks him from behind! He slams the drifter into a roadie box, then kicks him. Corbin comes out and says Elias will face Mahal next!

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Elias Vs. Jinder Mahal W/The Singh Brothers

The bell rings and Mahal forces Elias to the corner, with Elias holding his ribs from the attack. Mahal tries to attack the ribs, but Elias punches him back and hits a stiff lariat. Mahal quickly comes back with a back suplex before stomping him. Samir Singh stretches Elias on the ring post while Sunil Singh distracts the referee. Mahal stomps Elias and applies a chin lock.
Mahal transitions to an overhead wristlock before applying a bear hug to the injured ribs. Mahal quickly knees him in the ribs and sloppily applies an abdominal stretch. Elias eventually gets out and kicks Mahal back. Mahal quickly scoops Elias up, but Elias slides off, avoids a knee, and hits Drift Away for the win!

Winner: Elias

Footage is shown from earlier in the night when Braun Strowman hit Baron Corbin with three Powerslams, before Brock Lesnar gave Strowman an F5.
After the break we’ll get a look at the career of Kurt Angle for some reason.
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We’re back from the break and see still images of last night’s historic PPV.
We see the brackets for the World Cup tournament at Crown Jewel; Seth Rollins will face Bobby Lashley, Kurt Angle faces Dolph Ziggler, Jeff Hardy faces The Miz, and Randy Orton faces Rey Mysterio. That’s a good tournament but Cena brought some nice star power to it. I think you can see that Cena would have beaten Rollins, then faced Kurt Angle in the semi-final, with potentially Hardy and Mysterio on the other side of the bracket.
We get a video of Kurt Angle’s career, then a promo from the man himself in the gym. He says people have always said he was out of his mind but he continues to prove people wrong. He says winning Crown Jewel would be the biggest achievement of his career and he aims to prove that he isn’t just a nostalgia act, he’s still the best in the world.
The Ascension are in the ring, they’ll be part of a triple threat tag team match, against Roode & Gable, and The Author’s of Pain. As AOP are making their entrance, the other two teams attack them and lay them out. Hoping they can have the match before they come to.

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The Ascension Vs. The Author’s of Pain Vs. Bobby Roode & Chad Gable

We come back from the break to see Gable hit Rezar with a jawbreaker. Konnor blind tags in and hits Gable with a spinebuster. Akam pulls Konnor off the pin. Gable knocks Akam into Konnor. Viktor tags in, but Gable flips through a back suplex. Roode tags in, and they hit a rolling German Suplex/neckbreaker combo for the win. That was quick.

Winners: Chad Gable & Bobby Roode

Just as Roode and Gable are celebrating, Akam and Rezar return and attack them from behind. They toss Konnor into the ring post, slam Viktor, then hit the Super Collider on Roode and Gable. Maverick returns and poses with AOP.

The announcers go back to the Roman Reigns announcement, then show him at a children’s cancer hospital just six weeks ago. The kids from the hospital are shown and they wish Roman good luck and good health with his fight. The fans chant for Roman after the segment, so Michael Cole stops speaking to let it happen. He then again talks about Dean Ambrose’s heel turn and Renee looks awkward af. We get a replay of what happened. Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins will be out after the break.
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The Intercontinental Champion, The Kingslayer, and one half of the RAW Tag Team Champions, Seth Rollins, makes his way to the ring.
Rollins starts off by thanking the fans for their outpouring of support for Roman Reigns. The fans chant Roman’s name. He says that makes him feel good, and what also makes him feel good is when he won the tag team titles last week. What doesn’t make him feel good though, is that he should be standing here beside his brother, Dean Ambrose. Seth says that can’t happen because last week Dean turned his back on him and The Shield. He says he can’t help but feel sad about that, because he wonders if it wasn’t maybe his fault. He questions if maybe Ambrose just couldn’t get over what happened four years ago (when Seth turned on them) and maybe he let it fester. He says he doesn’t know why Ambrose did what he did, the only person who does is Ambrose. Unfortunately, Dean is the kind of guy who, if he doesn’t want to be found, won’t be found. He says he didn’t text or call Dean because he knew he wouldn’t reply, but he knew also knew he could call Dean out tonight. So he asks him to come out.
Ambrose’s music hits but he’s nowhere to be found. Suddenly he appears in the crowd, wearing civilian clothes. Rollins says last week Dean turned his back on The Shield, this week he mocks them. He calls him down to the ring to face him like a man but Ambrose stays put. The Lunatic pulls out a microphone and goes to speak but stops. He sneers at Rollins as the fans chant “you sold out”. Seth says “you really are a cold-hearted bastard”. Seth says in the worst night in The Shield’s history, Ambrose turned on them and made it all about him. He says if Dean wanted the spotlight, he’s got it. For as long as he lives, he will make Dean’s life a living hell. He says it isn’t a nickname, Dean really is a “souless lunatic”. Rollins says if Dean doesn’t want to come down here, he’ll go up there and beat an answer out of him. Ambrose walks off as Rollins leaves the ring. Seth stands by the barricade, furious.

We see Lashley and Rush backstage with Charly Caruso. She says it was big news when Bobby replaced Cena in the World Cup tournament. She asks what it would mean for Lashley to win and prove he is the world’s best. Rush says it would mean everything. It would be another trophy for a man that has done it all. He asks if she thinks Seth Rollins really stands a chance against Lashley. He says Lashley looks and smells like money; he is a foregone conclusion to win.
We see a replay of three weeks ago, when D-X officially reunited. The duo will be out with the Brothers of Destruction later tonight.
Nia Jax makes her way to the ring, she’ll face Ember Moon, next!
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Nia Jax Vs. Ember Moon

Moon quickly starts with a dropkick, but Jax doesn’t go down. Moon splashes Jax in the corner and goes to the top rope. Jax cuts her off and lifts her on her shoulders. Moon slides off and hits the ropes, but Jax clotheslines her down. Jax steps on her and drops an elbow for a two count. Jax takes her down with a short-arm clothesline before applying a bear hug.
Moon struggles for a while before elbowing her way out, so Jax grabs her and throws her across the ring. Moon avoids a charge, and Jax hits the ring post shoulder-first. Jax falls out of the ring. Moon then comes off the second rope with a cannonball to take her down. Jax soon head-butts Moon and throws her in the ring.

All of a sudden, Tamina’s music hits. Tamina makes her way to the foot of the ramp. Jax blindsides Moon and drops a leg for the win.

Winner: Nia Jax

Tamina gets in the ring and stares at Jax. Cole talks about the reaction this got last night but it’s awkward because the fans in North Carolina don’t give a hoot. Tamina then smirks and leaves the ring before backing up the ramp.
We get a promo video for Lucha House Party (Lince Dorado, Kalisto, and Gran Metalik). They will be on Raw, next!
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We’re back from the break and out come the Lucha House Party. Their opponents, The Revival, are already in the ring. Wow, how far The Revival have fallen.

The Revival Vs. Lucha House Party

Kalisto and Lince Dorado will be in the match while Gran Metalik is watching on from ringside. Kalisto will start against Dash Wilder. Wilder powers Kalisto to the corner and taunts him. Kalisto slaps him, so Wilder clubs him down. Kalisto ducks a clothesline and hits a springboard moonsault off the second rope before dropkicking him down. Lince Dorado comes in and hits a suicide dive to Wilder, with so much force that he almost spiked himself.
Kalisto gets Wilder in the ring. Wilder quickly drops him on the top rope and hits a back suplex. Scott Dawson tags in and drops a leg. Dawson hits a snap suplex before dropping an elbow for a two count. Dawson covers two more times for the same result. Dawson applies the Gory Special to Kalisto. Kalisto gets out, but Dawson uppercuts him. Kalisto kicks Wilder and Dawson away. Dawson quickly punches Dorado off the apron. Dawson hits a short-arm clothesline. Kalisto then hits the Salida del Sol out of nowhere. Dorado hits Wilder with a springboard cross-body block to keep him from breaking up the pin.

Winners: Lucha House Party

After the break it will be a career retrospective for Dolph Ziggler, then DX, Kane and The Undertaker!

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Dolph Ziggler and Drew McIntyre come out to the ring. Ziggler says this Friday is WWE Crown Jewel. Ziggler has his eyes on the prize. McIntyre says now that they have finally broken The Shield, their full undivided attention will be squarely on one match. That is Brock Lesnar versus Braun Strowman for the WWE Universal Championship. Ziggler says whoever wins will have a target on their back and a Claymore Kick in their future. What doesn’t make sense is Kurt Angle saying he’ll win the WWE World Cup. Ziggler will tell the truth. Kurt Angle has been an idol of his for a long time. What Angle did for collegiate and amateur wrestling is incredible. Without guys like Kurt Angle, guys like Dolph Ziggler wouldn’t exist in WWE. Ziggler will cement his legacy by winning the World Cup. Angle will get an example tonight. Ziggler tells Angle to not forget that he’s the best to ever walk down the aisle and the best thing to ever happen to this business.

Apollo Crews makes his entrance. He’ll face Dolph Ziggler, next.
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Apollo Crews Vs. Dolph Ziggler W/Drew McIntyre

We come back to see the match in progress, and Ziggler has Apollo grounded with a headlock. Apollo fights out and connects with a dropkick. Crews takes him down with a leaping clothesline and a step-up enzuigiri. Crews covers for a near fall. Crews goes to the top rope, but Ziggler knocks him off the top rope for a two count.

Ziggler boots Crews in the head and goes for a superkick. Crews blocks it, but Ziggler ducks the enzuigiri. Crews quickly takes him down and press slams him. Crews follows up with a standing moonsault for a near fall. Crews goes to the top rope, but Ziggler meets him up there. Crews shoves him off and hits a frog splash, but Ziggler gets the knees up. Ziggler superkicks him for the win.

Winner: Dolph Ziggler

After the match, Dolph Ziggler is joined by Drew McIntyre, who kicks Apollo a few times.
It’s D-X and the Brothers of Destruction after the break!
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We’re back and out comes Kane, followed by his big brother, The Undertaker!

The duo come to the ring and Graves stresses that we may never see these two together again. The fans chant for The Undertaker. The Deadman says it isn’t easy to answer the call of the reaper. He says you don’t want to go but, no matter how hard you try, when he calls it’s time to go. Kane says in the distance, they can hear their names being whispered. It got louder, and the whisper has become a deafening cry. Undertaker says this Friday, they will take the beaten and battered souls of D-X for the first and last time, to the fiery gates of Hell! He says it won’t be swift, it will be slow, agonising pain. Kane says that’s Friday, tonight is different. Undertaker says they will take their souls so that they may never rest in peace.
D-X’s music hits before Undertaker can finish his line. Out come Triple H but Shawn Michaels is nowhere to be found. Triple H walks back to the entance and taunts for Michaels to appear but he doesn’t. Kane gets out of the ring and walks towards HHH, meanwhile Michaels comes in behind Undertaker and Sweet Chin Music’s him! Michaels leaves the ring as HBK slides out of the ring and poses with HHH. Kane stares at them, until The Undertaker sits up and the sound of lightning fills the arena. D-X retreat up the ramp, looking scared, meanwhile Undertaker looks pissed.

That’s it for tonight’s Monday Night RAW! Let us know what you thought of the show and remember to come back here tomorrow for all your wrestling news! Until next time, safe travels!

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