WWE Evolution is in the books and there wasn’t a fan in the house who can really complain. For that matter, no fan at home should really be able to hate on the effort those women put forth either. For over 3 hours, WWE’s Women’s Roster showed the world what they could do and it doesn’t look like the end of it either.
Although there was no announcement by Stephanie McMahon about any future events or even a Women’s Tag Team Championship — WWE could very well be planning for the next phase of the WWE Women’s Revolution already.
Dave Meltzer said on Wrestling Observer Radio that he could certainly see this concept grow and possibly even mean more all-female events for WWE’s future.

“When it was all over I was like, ‘Okay what’s the right number of shows to do like this a year?’ 1? I could see 2 even. 1 sounds more right like they’d do it but it’s got to ba an annual thing. I mean it’s got to be. It just has a feel of something different and you want that.”

Bryan Alvarez noted that he could see them doing another show in January or February — but after a show like WWE Evolution on October 28th — it might be hard to follow. If anything they can do a yearly event with a Saudi Arabia trip a few days afterward for the men on the roster.
Only time will tell how long it will be until we see another WWE Evolution event or even another all-female pay-per-view. It was noted that if they do another one then they can just go out there and wrestle amazing matches and not have to hype it as the “first-ever” during the entire show.
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