WWE Crown Jewel is less than a week away so it’s only natural that WWE would want to plug the show during their pay-per-view. But with an event as controversial as Crown Jewel… they might now have wanted to make it too public that they were plugging the show.
When you’re watching at home you can boo and curse and even throw things at the TV — you can also turn it off which is another option some people don’t consider when they’re mad. But for the fans in the Nassau Coliseum, it seemed like a lot of those were the kind of people who would yell and cuss at the screen when a Crown Jewel ad was on — only they were in the building so WWE’s microphones picked it up.
So when WWE flashed a big Crown Jewel logo on the screen, you could hear the crowd booing loudly even over Michael Cole as he tried to plug the all-male Saudi Arabia show during the first-ever all-female pay-per-view in WWE History.
“If it was me doing my hiding thing I wouldn’t show it to the fans live in the building, I would have thought they would have booed it like crazy,” Dave Meltzer said on Wrestling Observer Radio.
It seems like WWE might need to be a little bit more careful when plugging the Crown Jewel show this week — after all, they could lose a crowd if the right dynamics are in play.

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H Jenkins

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