WWE Evolution is going to include the finals of this year’s Mae Young Classic as Io Shirai battles Toni Storm. Tegan Nox was supposed to be in this match — but she was injured during the tournament… there’s always next year, Tegan.
But this is a very interesting match and it will likely become something special regardless. Bryan Alvarez painted a very realistic picture during Wrestling Observer Live for what could happen after WWE Evolution when it comes to the NXT Women’s Title picture.

“For some reason I just think they’re going to do Kairi Sane vs Io Shirai because when Io Sharai won her Mae Young Tournament match, Kairi was there to give her flowers and the announcers made a very big deal about how they were long-time friends and now they’re here together and Michael Cole predicted Toni Storm will win so I think all signs point to Io Shirai winning and an Io Sharai vs Kairi Sane match for the title.”
“So I think Kairi is going to beat Shayna and Io Shirai is going to beat Toni Storm and I think they’re both going to be very good matches.”

Therefore, you can probably expect this match to mean a lot to NXT. After all, the winner will get an NXT Women’s Title opportunity. Yes, when Kairi Sane won it last year, that just meant she was inserted into a multi-woman match for the title — but Shirai vs Sane might be something worth carving out a singles program for.
Only time will tell if WWE is going to go with 2 Japanese winners for the first 2 years of the MYC, or if that’s even something that they’re worried about. After all, there could be plenty of ways to book the upcoming card leading to NXT: WarGames — but regardless, they’re definitely going to be stacking a great Women’s Title Match with the current roster they have to work with.
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