WWE Evolution is tonight and it’s something that women in WWE have waited for since before they were divas. There will be a lot of moments worth talking about after the event is over, and it turns out that we’ll probably be talking about them before we expected because it’s supposed to be a shorter event.
Bryan Alvarez explained on Wrestling Observer Live that while things can always change — the Evolution pay-per-view is blocked off to be shorter than 3 hours which was the norm before WWE started putting on so many longer events.

“The show is scheduled as a couple of days ago to go 2 hours fifty minutes. It’s not going to be one of those 4-hour 4-and-a-half hour shows. I suppose plans can change but yesterday plans were 2 hours and fifty minutes.”

WWE Network does have their Broken Hardy Halloween Special directly after WWE Evolution, so they obviously need to make room for that. Sure, it’s just 10 minutes shorter than the normal 3-hour pay-per-view used to be. But it’s still curious that they would plan for it to be 10 minutes shorter.
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