Ronda Rousey’s Championship title defense against Nikki Bella at Sunday’s WWE Evolution match may be a short one.
Mike Johnson of PWInsider mentioned in the tip sheet for the event that given Nikki has a history with her neck and it’s very possible that WWE books this match to be a short one. Either way, the plan is for Rousey to leave the event as champion.

“I don’t expect this to go long. Bella’s had a history of neck issues and I don’t see WWE giving her 30 minutes to work. Rousey is scheduled to go on last and that makes sense, since she’s the biggest female star they have. I suspect Bella stalls, gets some heat on Rousey, Ronda makes a comeback, Brie gets involved, Rousey makes the final comeback and makes Nikki tap.”

WWE Evolution takes place this Sunday. As always, we will be providing live play-by-play coverage of the event.

Steve Carrier

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