Alexa Bliss Got The Coordinates To Her Favorite Place Tattooed On Her

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Alexa Bliss got a couple new pieces of ink recently and as we previously reported, she got a very personal tattoo on her chest. But it turns out that she got another very personal tattoo on her arm as well which happens to be the coordinates to the happiest place on earth — Disney World.

This is kind of a trend amongst Disney World enthusiasts and Bliss is certainly a fan of the Magic Kingdom. After all, she told Triple H upon her first NXT interview that she wanted to be Tinker Bell at Disney World and thought NXT would be a good foot in the door. Of course, she was kidding… kind of.

Bliss recently revealed her fully healed white-ink tattoo and you can check it out below. It’s a pretty good piece and healed nicely.

So it turns out that Bliss is collecting quite a bit of tattoo… only you’d never see most of them unless you get a really close look at Little Miss Bliss’ skin.

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