WWE made a pretty bold decision when they decided to keep Crown Jewel on as scheduled. They thought about pushing the date back — but they just carried on with business as usual. But really, what did you expect from a 10-year team worth so much to the company.
PW Insider reports that WWE Superstars were scheduled to appear on today’s Megyn Kelly Show on NBC, but that has been nixed. It seems like they didn’t do it because of Crown Jewel at all.
In case you were unaware, Kelly has been receiving a lot of flack for her defense of Blackface in a segment about Halloween costumes. This obviously didn’t set too well with people as it is a very controversial subject. After all, Blackface was used in an extremely derogatory and negative way in entertainment’s past and really has no place in 2018 or society in general.
Kelly has since apologized for her statements following the controversy, but WWE still made the decision to pull their Superstars from her show.

H Jenkins

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