Former WWE Superstar Summer Rae, real name Danielle Moinet, took part in an AMA for the Squared Circle subreddit. She answered a variety of interesting questions about her time in WWE and gave an insight into her hobbies and post-WWE life.
Rae was first asked how she reacted to having to drink the elderly woman’s “pee” during an episode of Swerved on the WWE Network. This was a prank directed at Tom Phillips, but Rae played an impressively believable role.

Wow. Soooo many people ask me about that Swerved episode. My sister’s non-profit works with children who are in the hospital, so I am kind of used to and/or desensitized to being around situations like that. So honestly I felt bad for her and wanted to help her. I guess that was the first time people saw the “real me” outside of my character.
Well…I knew it was a prank show!

While in NXT, Rae was aligned with Sasha Banks and Charlotte Flair. The group was known as the BFF’s and were the leading heel female group on the product for some time. She was asked whether WWE considered reuniting the three women on the main roster.

Man the BFFs were the best. Sasha & I always talk about it. At that time NXT and the main roster weren’t really blended are things didn’t really get transitioned like they do now, but I do think there was a huge opportunity there.

Given that she has so many fond memories, she reveals whether she’d consider going back to WWE if she was given the chance to, or if she’d look to building a new chapter in her life instead.

Of course WWE is a huge part of me & I will never shut that door fully. I would love to still do thing in the future if medically I could. Right now it is great to build a new chapter in my life. You are on the road SO much when on the main roster that you don’t have time for anything else. But wrestling will always be a huge passion for me. I feel a void not being there.

In a shocking turn of events, Rae reveals she had a friend group with Zeb Colter and Kane. She was asked to comment on any friend groups she had in the locker room that would surprise fans, and that it did.


This shocked some people bc it’s an odd pairing but I became very close with Zeb Colter! He’s the best. We are still friends. We would travel together & sit on the plane together. Every European tour I would sit at the front of the bus with him & Kane & play Gin Rummy. They taught me. Haha Zeb would say ‘hang out with me & you’ll stay out of trouble kid…’. So I did & I learned so much from him.

Dusty Rhodes was one of the biggest supporters of Rae. The former WWE Superstar was asked if she has any particular memories of Rhodes that stand with her today.

Dusty was my #1 supporter and the reason why I made it as far as I did. One of my favorite memories was when I first received my name from WWE, Kylie Summers, Dream absolutely HATED it. He made me stand in front of all of FCW on promo day and tell the group “the BS name WWE gave you”. I actually kinda liked it, but Dusty hated it and made me say no and come up with a better name. He was always so hilarious.

When Rae made her exit from WWE, she changed her hair color to a shade of red. This led many fans to believe she was trying to push herself away from the Rae character and to showcase more of herself. Rae was asked to comment on the hair change, revealing it was never that calculated, and she had just wanted to change it for so long.

Honestly I wish I could say it was as calculated as that but really I just wanted a change. I’ve looked the exact same my WHOLE life! Like wholllllle life. Haha & loved when I went pink so it got me thinking. I do not do things impulsively so I thought about it for about two months. But the minute I did it with GlitGlam I knew it was a great choice. Do y’all like it? What are your thoughts?

She confirms what she misses most about being on the road with WWE.

Absolutely miss the fans. It’s really hard to get the feeling you feel stepping out of the curtain than you do from anything else in life. The WWE universe is unlike any other group of people. Of course, I miss my friends too but I get to keep up with them.

Rae confirmed that both Tyler Breeze and Fandango pitched for her to join them for the Fashion Police.

1000% – by both of them. It completely made sense. The 3 of us were the stable you never knew you needed. It would have been so good. But…it never happened.

Rae is a big fan of the Bears, and gave her opinions on this season.

It’s going to take me a lot to answer this question because I’m very superstitious BUT I’ve never been more excited about a team. WE, as struggling loyal Bears fans through the years, deserve this! Khalil Mack is my new guardian angel and I love how Trubisky is evolving with the O Line. We have some tough games coming up, but as a true Bears fan I’m taking it week by week. I really want to get to a game.

In a question many people seem to wonder, Rae is asked whether performers have to pay to wear another wrestler’s merchandise that they wear backstage or to the ring.

Depends. If I’m just wearing it backstage the person would give it to me (because I asked for it – no one actually just goes around handing out their merch). If it’s for TV though, I can just go up to the stand.

Rae was asked what her best food-related memory or experience in WWE was.

The food fights. I shockingly was only involved in one food fight. I think it was July 4th….I ended up completely breaking out in hives all over my body from the food fight and then I had to wrestle. It’s my favorite memory because only in the WWE does that happen to at work.

She was also asked what her favorite pizza in Chicago is.

I lived in Chicago for seven years without liking deep dish Chicago pizza but then after one Monday night brawl, I took Emma to Giordano’s and she made me try it and it was PHENOMENAL. I’m so glad I didn’t know I loved it all those years because I probably wouldn’t have fit into my ring gear.

What is her favorite type of Sushi?

Oooh yes, I love salmon sashimi and eel rolls. Sushi is so good, I’m always open to try anything.

Additionally, she comments on whether she prefers coffee, tea or beer.

Always need coffee but I’m a big tea person too. Renee and I are obsessed with different teas. Sure, not afraid of a beer!

Still on the topic of food, she reveals what her favorite breakfast foods are.

Love love love breakfast. Love breakfast for dinner. Love an egg white omelette with goat cheese or feta. Love bacon & oatmeal! Emma loves breakfast as well!

For the final food topic, Rae lists her favorite fast food places.

Arby’s & Sonic!!

Rae is asked whether she would have preferred to stay in NXT longer or is happy with the main roster call-up alongside Fandango. She explains that nobody wants to stay in NXT, everyone wants to get to the main roster.

No one asks to ‘stay’ in NXT longer. If they say that then they are lying. NXT is a great place, no shade. I loved it! But that just doesn’t happen.

Given many wrestlers employed by WWE are considered to be hilarious by their peers, Rae was asked which wrestlers most cracked her up when she was there.

Haha, off the top of my head, R Truth. He is hilarious. In the girls locker room, if you get Naomi and me together, we’ll have you cry laughing. Everyone always thought we should have our own show on the network.

On the storyline between herself, Rusev, Lana and Dolph Ziggler, Rae is asked whether it was supposed to go on longer than it did. The storyline seemed to fade once news broke that Rusev and Lana had got married.

Yes. It was one of Vince’s favorite storylines at the time.

She was also asked if she knew where the Rusev storyline was going and if she went to TV on that day to find out the plug had been pulled.

Yes and yes on Rusev thing.

She also explained why she and Lana wrestled barefoot.

You can’t beat each other’s butt in 4 inch heels. So you gotta kick the heels off.

One point fans love to remind Rae of is the conflict between herself and Natalya on Total Divas. She is asked whether that was real.

She had no idea I was going to slap her. I feel bad & have apologized. I never would want someone to do that to me.

With Evolution set to take place this weekend, Rae is asked how she feels about the event.

I’m super excited to watch Evolution! I think it’s safe to say we all dreamed this moment would come around and to see it actually happen is amazing – a true milestone for women in sports everywhere.

The former Superstar is asked what she is up to at the moment and where she is going in the next few years.

I hit on some of I’m doing these days up top but what I’m really excited about is using my platform to help others more, now that I have a little more time. As a North Carolina girl, I really wanted to help with the recovery effort from Hurricane Florence. I partnered with a local domestic violence shelter to help raise funds for them to rebuild.

On commentary, Rae was put over as a World War II history buff. She confirms if there is any legitimacy to that.

Hahaha, that all started from me, Renee, Michael Cole and JBL driving from city to city one night. YES, I have knowledge of WWII but I wouldn’t label myself a “buff”. We may have to keep that one an inside joke, haha.

She is asked whether it is weird for her to be called “Summer” as opposed to “Danielle.”

No not at all. I feel like I respond to Summer more than Danielle 🙂

She also answers a fan asking if wrestling has left her with long-term pain or other issues.

Yeah, we put our bodies through a lot every week.

A fan asked Rae what her favorite Christmas song is, and what she would like for Christmas.

Mariah Carey’s All I Want for Christmas Is You, duh. Is there any other?

You, duh.

Rae worked with many male and female talents while in WWE. Of these, Rae was asked to name her favorites.

Favorite opponent: Natalya or Sasha. Favorite person to work with: Dolph. Special mentions to RVD.

With several stories on friends and travel partners already explained, Rae confirms her best travel partner.

Emma/Tenille! We traveled together for years and became super close. Still are 🙂

She confirms how many hours a day she spends at the gym right now.

An hour and a half a day…not everyday…rest days are good!

If she could go on this journey again, what would she do differently?

Nothing. My path is my path & im very fortunate to have lived my Wwe life for 6 beautiful years!

What happened to Dog Ziggler?

Omg good question!!!! Do some digging and let me know!

Rae explains what it was like to work with the NFL Network.

Thank you! I actually loved that spot, was fun & quick & painless. I would love to do more guest spots in the future my schedule just hasn’t allowed. On camera is fun for me!

She explains what her favorite style of dance is.

Dancing with the Stars is my favorite style of dance (book me!)

She confirms whether she has any pets. She reveals she has hung out with former WWE Superstar Kelly Kelly and her pup.

Nooo but I’m dying to get a dog! I hung out with Barbie’s new little pup and have been thinking about it ever since.

Rae reveals she doesn’t like horror movies, because they scare her. This comes after she is asked what her favorite horror film is in dedication of Halloween.

I’m so scared of all horror movies, so I guess all of them! Haha

With the news of Roman Reigns’ leukemia, Rae gives her opinion on “The Big Dog.”

He’s the best. He was always amazing to me.

Finally, she reveals whether she has spoke to Mick Foley since he had his DMs with a fan leaked, where he seemed to go against pushing Rae.


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