WWE Evolution is set to be a historic night for women’s wrestling — but they haven’t received the best treatment at all going into the event. Of course, there is an issue with so many ladies being unhappy about being placed in the Women’s Battle Royal. After all, they have some big names and former champions in there who really deserve their own match or at least a chance to compete in a match that isn’t just an over-the-top-rope melee.
Raw spent a majority of the time discussing Crown Jewel and Roman Reigns with Evolution almost mentioned in passing. Except for the Ronda Rousey/ Nikki Bella angle, it doesn’t seem like it got much of a focus at all.
Bryan Alvarez spoke about WWE Evolution on Wrestling Observer Live where he discussed the fact that he knew that some women who were initially very excited for the event are now much less motivated than they were before about the first-ever all-female WWE pay-per-view.

“I can’t speak for everybody but I can tell you for a lot of women who were very excited about this show. It’s now kind of like, ‘Eh, Evolution is on Sunday — just do the show and everything will go back to normal.’ So if you’re disappointed, you’re not the only one who’s disappointed with the way they’ve done this Women’s Evolution build.”
“Part of it is also because it’s a 3-hour show, there aren’t very many matches, most of the women are going to be in the battle royal, and the Women’s roster is much, much smaller than the men’s roster.”

Hopefully, WWE Evolution will prove to WWE management that they deserved more of a focus. But you can’t fault them for being distracted this week on Raw with Roman Reigns announcing he has leukemia — however, it’s still kind of a kick in the wrong direction that WWE has seemingly treated Evolution as a show that they don’t really need to promote.
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