Roman Reigns was WWE’s choice to be “the guy.” He has so many aspects that Vince McMahon looks for — he was a perfect choice. But he is now battling another fight for his life against leukemia leaving a huge opportunity for someone else on the roster.
Bryan Alvarez received a text during Wrestling Observer Live asking whether or not WWE could pick Velveteen Dream as the next “guy.” While Dream has a lot of tools to get the job done, Alvarez simply explained that there are a couple things that he has that WWE isn’t looking for.

“No. He doesn’t have the size. He’s too young and it’s just not happening right now, maybe someday.”

At least he said “maybe someday,” therefore if you’re holding out hope in Vince calling up Dream and giving him a huge shot on the main roster, it could still happen. But he doesn’t have all of the things Vince McMahon usually looks for when deciding who he wants to place the responsibility on to be “the guy.”
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H Jenkins

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