Dean Ambrose turned heel on Raw this week ending the question of when it would eventually happen. After all, he was supposed to turn heel around WrestleMania time, but he was out on injury and just returned recently.
Now it looks like he’s finally a bad guy — but it had to happen on the night Roman Reigns started the show off by saying he was leaving WWE in order to focus on his health because the leukemia that he’s been battling for 11 years is out of remission.
Bryan Alvarez wasn’t happy about this WWE booking decision at all on Wrestling Observer Live and noted how serious the situation with Reigns could be and it is. Then he revealed when Ambrose was actually supposed to turn on his brothers.

“He wasn’t even supposed to turn heel last night. The actual plan was that he was going to turn around Survivor Series and they moved it up and they specifically did it to capitalize on the emotions of a guy who’s home to fight for his life.”

WWE has done a lot of distasteful things in the past, and timing Dean Ambrose’s heel turn on the same night Roman Reigns took his possible final bow in WWE was a really bad decision for a lot of fans.
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