WWE is reportedly considering canceling the Crown Jewel event in Saudi Arabia. Tickets aren’t even on sale for the show yet — because apparently, WWE doesn’t even know they are going in the first place.
Bryan Alvarez spoke on Wrestling Observer Live about WWE’s upcoming decision in Saudi Arabia. He has been told some very interesting information as well which could really shake things up depending on which way WWE wants to go.

“Here’s what all of this means. I was told yesterday that on Wednesday a decision would be made on whether they’re going to Saudi Arabia. Tickets didn’t go on sale for Saudi Arabia on Friday and the reason they didn’t go on sale was because WWE apparently told them they weren’t sure the show was taking place.”
“There has been growing political pressure in the last couple of days of not going to Saudi Arabia. So it is possible that the reason John Cena and Daniel Bryan are still being advertised — maybe they did refuse to go and WWE decided not to pull them because they feel there is a possibility they’re not going to Saudi Arabia and they could do the show elsewhere. If they did it elsewhere those two guys could still work the show.”
“Tomorrow is the big day I guess of determining whether they’ll go and if they decide to go there is still one more Raw show and SmackDown show where they can remove those guys from the show.”

Only time will tell what WWE decides to do. But it seems like they’re going to have to make some kind of decision quickly. Turkey’s report of the events that took place in Saudi Arabia might go to change some things in a big way not only the world’s political scene but also the WWE Universe.
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