Rusev and Aiden English had a great partnership that resulted in more royalty checks than they probably planned for. But nothing great can last forever, especially if the fans pick up on it on their own.
Dave Meltzer explained on Wrestling Observer Radio what he saw out of the Rusev vs English match that is set for SmackDown Live this week. Needless to say, it doesn’t appear that Aiden English has a very easy time lined up for himself.

“They worked all weekend too. You know what that’s all about. It’s basically just squashing Aiden English. Maybe they’ll do more on television but, again as entertaining as I actually find the angle I still feel the same way I do from the beginning when they were doing the angle. I see nothing in the long run that is for the better because Rusev was aided by Aiden English as far as getting over.”
“The whole Rusev Day thing has lost a lot of its luster without Aiden English and Aiden English without Rusev they’re not going to do a thing with him. Once he gets squashed from the feud eventually if not immediately then Aiden will just struggle getting airtime. Maybe he’ll do some stuff in prelims and stuff but I just can’t see them pushing him on his own, but we’ll see.”

Only time will tell how WWE books Aiden English after his storyline with Rusev is over and done. But it doesn’t appear that Rusev Day will be getting back together anytime soon. This is just another classic example of WWE killing something that worked organically because it wasn’t part of their bigger plan.
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