Alexa Bliss recently sat down in the tattoo artist’s chair and got some ink. We haven’t been able to get a look at her new pieces just yet, but now we know what one of them is, and it’s a very personal tattoo indeed. Bliss got a chest tattoo in white ink that says “I love you,” but there is way more to this story.
The former Raw and SmackDown Women’s Champion had her mother write “I love you,” and got it tattooed on her chest on her heart in white ink. It’s a nice little script tattoo and small enough to not really notice.
She already has “I am enough” tattooed on herself in white ink too so she obviously likes the popular trend of somewhat invisible tattoos.
A Bliss fan account tweeted this picture of her saying how much they loved the new ink and The Five Feet Of Fury liked it to show her approval. We have to admit that we like the new tattoo as well and it’s also a pretty smart way to go with that white ink so they don’t have to add a chest tattoo to her future action figures unless they really want to go that extra mile.

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H Jenkins

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