Ronda Rousey cut a scathing promo on the Bella Twins during Raw this week where she said she will eradicate them like smallpox and said they were the scourge of the Earth. She also said that the only door Nikki Bella ever kicked down was the one to John Cena’s bedroom which was a low blow indeed. It was intense and believable, but it turns out there was a very good reason why — because she wrote it herself.
Apparently, being a top star in WWE has some big perks including getting to pen your own promos as Bryan Alvarez discussed on Wrestling Observer Live.

“So here’s the story in case you haven’t heard — that Ronda Rousey promo, she wrote that whole thing herself.”

Rousey’s promo was wordy and expertly done according to a lot of people. There will always be those who come down on whatever happens in WWE, but it’s really hard to hate on this piece of work. It makes it even more impressive knowing that Rousey wrote it herself. This also caused Alvarez to question why WWE needs so many writers if what it takes for a talent to deliver a killer promo is just to let them write it themselves.
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