WWE is always evolving right in front of our eyes. Men and women who weren’t thought about as main event players can be suddenly in big-time spots at the drop of a hat. That is how WWE has been able to exist for so long in a television environment with no off-season.
Joe Peisich said on Barnburner’s No Holds Barred podcast that WWE could be looking to add more names from NXT very soon including one guy who not too long ago had “Call me up Vince” written on his own wrestling tights.

“Look for NXT guys to come after Survivor Servies, the night and 2 nights after Survivor Series and I heard that maybe Velveteen Dream may be one of them.”

After any one of WWE’s big 4 pay-per-views is always a great time to bring up talent and only time will tell who WWE decides to introduce to the main roster from NXT next.
But fans of Velveteen Dream might both be happy and worried about the thought of him making his way to Raw or SmackDown at this point in his career seeing how others that have come before him who aren’t the biggest guys but still have a ton of talent have been treated.
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H Jenkins

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