Fans can criticize “The Beast Incarnate” all they want, but history has shown Brock Lesnar draws ratings and mainstream attention. Throughout the past year, Lesnar’s future has remained fairly closed as journalists and fans alike ponder if Lesnar will stay with WWE or head back to the UFC in some capacity.
With Lesnar’s brutal attack on Braun Strowman and Roman Reigns at WWE Hell in a Cell, Lesnar solidified his intention to remain with WWE- albeit on an expensive contract. Lesnar is set to face those two men he layed out at the aforementioned show at WWE Crown Jewel.
As we previously reported, the ongoing conflict with Saudi Arabia has got mainstream media, fans and talent alike campaigning against Vince McMahon’s company. They rightfully ask that WWE stay away from Saudi Arabia, as it doesn’t look good in these times.
While we’ve noted it is possible the triple threat match at Crown Jewel may be moved to Survivor Series, Lesnar has an entirely different issue to be concerned with. Lesnar appeared at UFC 226 and seemingly laid the mat out for a proverbial match with UFC Heavyweight Champion Daniel Cormier.
Lesnar’s wishes to fight in the octagon again may sadly not come to a fruition, as Cormier noted in an interview with ESPN that he is heavily considering facing Jon Jones in his final UFC bout before retiring instead of Lesnar. He claims Lesnar would be the best financial option, but Jones has defeated him twice and he feels a final match against Jones would be best on his way out.

“Counting the Lewis fight, I think I’m down to two fights left. Maybe this will be a blessing in disguise, the fact that I don’t have a crazy, long fight camp to beat myself down. That may prolong it for me, but right now, I think I have this one and maybe one more. I can still fight in March and hit my retirement date. The one opponent that would matter to me most is Jones, because he’s beaten me twice. The one that would mean more financially would be Lesnar. I think I would always pick the one that means more, but my wife might have something to say about that.”

Lesnar is in a unique position, whereby McMahon and WWE have allowed the former Universal Champion to fight in the UFC. If the match against Cormier does not take place, the future for Lesnar as it pertains to UFC will be unknown, and quite possibly, there may be no future in general. WWE seemingly gave the ok to the Cormier match, but it remains to be seen whether they allow Lesnar to fight someone else if the decision is made to have Jones take on Cormier.
Which decision do you believe will be made? Should Lesnar get the match? Let us know your thoughts, opinions, and reactions in those comments below.
With H/T to ESPN for the transcriptions.

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