Vince McMahon Has Never Seen An Episode Of NXT


NXT is one of the most exciting things to come along in WWE in a very long time and plenty of fans sing the praises of every TakeOver special. But apparently, Vince McMahon isn’t tuning in to see his Superstars of tomorrow at all.

So many NXT Superstars have jumped to the main roster only to be changed or misused completely. Some Superstars who were considered the best in NXT are now relegated to a much lower status like The Ascension, Asuka, Bobby Roode, and the list goes on. But there could be a very good reason for this.

Triple H told Daniel Cutts of The Sun that “Vince McMahon has NEVER seen an episode of NXT.” He says that he’s “too busy” to take in the weekly one-hour program which would give him an idea of what they guys and girls he is about to have on the main roster can do.

“I don’t know that he’s ever even watched a full episode of NXT start to finish. He’s busy.”

Only time will tell if this will change but with a schedule as busy as Vince McMahon’s it’s unlikely. Hopefully, he will be able to listen to the advisement of those who know the NXT Superstars best to help him decide a direction. But in the end, it’s still Vince McMahon’s company so he will do whatever he wants.

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