Mike and Maria Kanellis debuted on 205 Live this week and you can check that footage out here. Plenty of fans were happy and shocked to see the switch go down. But Maria hasn’t been seen since taking her maternity leave so it was about time she got back to action.
Dave Meltzer briefly discussed Mike and Maria’s 205 Live involvement where he said it was a good move during Wrestling Observer Radio. He also explained how this switch could have been a combination of both need someone like Maria on 205 Live and the fact that Mike Kanellis has become cut up enough and lost the weight to fit the role on 205 Live when Raw and SmackDown didn’t seem like viable options for him.

“I think that her because she’s a really good talker and has a good personality on a show that probably needs somebody different. I think her being on the show is good and for him, it’s like he was going nowhere on Raw or SmackDown I think that was very clear that they were going to do nothing with him so at least he’s somewhere where he’ll get a little bit of something. It’s a good move.”

Mike and Maria Kanellis’ act worked very well where ever they went before, but WWE didn’t really give them too much of a chance. Now The Power Of Love will have a chance to light up 205 Live only time will tell how it turns out for them at this point. But something needs to happen and both Mike and Maria have worked very hard to get centered and prepared for this next step in their careers.
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