There has been a lot of speculate as to late regarding Sasha Bank’s whereabouts but it looks like she may be returning to WWE sooner than you think.
It was reported earlier this week via Joe Peisich on Barnburner’s No Holds Barred podcast that Sasha’s absence had a lot to do with her needing a break and at the time of press it was unknown exactly as to when she would be returning…. until now.

“What’s going on with Sasha Banks? Did Sasha Banks pull a Shawn Michaels and take her ball and go home? I have heard, I can’t confirm because the only person that can confirm it is Sasha and I haven’t talked to her but I have heard that she just needed a break. A mental break or whatever. She just needed a break. What does that mean? I don’t know. How are the other ladies looking at that, I have no idea but she needed a break and all that.”

It now appears that there is a good chance that Sasha may be finally ready to return from her hiatus because WWE is currently advertising her for the live event taking place in Portland, Oregon on October 20th on their website.

Steve Carrier

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