Rey Mysterio Could Have New Gimmick in WWE Return


Rey Mysterio will officially be returning to WWE for the thousandth episode of SmackDown Live. Based on what we previously reported, it is expected that the former WWE Champion will be remaining with the company on a two-year contract.

According to PWInsider, Mysterio himself has filed for two extremely interesting trademarks in the field of merchandise. These two trademarks are as follows:

  • The Greatest Mask of All “Time”
  • G.M.O.A.T

As this relates to merchandising, the idea that Mysterio would attempt to trademark these terms could mean his character may use this attire on WWE TV. Depending on how his character development plays out, he could use those terms as a portion of his gimmick.

Now a veteran and the most well-known luchador of all time, Mysterio can easily use these trademarks in a veteran role within the company. There has been talk of Mysterio having a faction or potentially working with some of the talent on 205 Live.

If either of those is true, Mysterio could use those trademarks to his advantage. However, time will tell as to whether these trademarks are approved and if Mysterio does indeed use these for his character.

Would you be open to Mysterio using those terms for his character? Are you excited for Mysterio’s WWE return? Let us know your thoughts, opinions, and reactions in those comments below.

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