Chasing Glory Recap w/ Paige – Heat With Lana, Brie Bella/Liv Morgan Incident, Responding to Del Rio, More!

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Lillian Garcia welcomes Paige to the show.

Paige informs that she’s had an amazing year since she last appeared on this show. She was blown away by the positive reaction she received from that original podcast, and she’s very thankful for that. She informs that life has been going great as Smackdown Live GM and she also has her own makeup line on the horizon.

Paige admits that it makes her very sad that she’s missing all the “firsts” during this Women’s Revolution. She’s very happy for all the women that are competing and she’s happy for the business as a whole, but the entire thing is somewhat bittersweet for her. Regardless, she can’t change the fact that she can’t wrestle anymore, so it’s useless for her to dwell on it.

She points out that she had to change her goals and search for something else. The Rock once told her to, “stay humble and hungry”, and that line really stuck with her. It motivated her to begin searching for something else to do, and when she was offered the role of Smackdown Live GM she ran with it.

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