Lillian Garcia welcomes Paige to the show.
Paige informs that she’s had an amazing year since she last appeared on this show. She was blown away by the positive reaction she received from that original podcast, and she’s very thankful for that. She informs that life has been going great as Smackdown Live GM and she also has her own makeup line on the horizon.

Paige admits that it makes her very sad that she’s missing all the “firsts” during this Women’s Revolution. She’s very happy for all the women that are competing and she’s happy for the business as a whole, but the entire thing is somewhat bittersweet for her. Regardless, she can’t change the fact that she can’t wrestle anymore, so it’s useless for her to dwell on it.
She points out that she had to change her goals and search for something else. The Rock once told her to, “stay humble and hungry”, and that line really stuck with her. It motivated her to begin searching for something else to do, and when she was offered the role of Smackdown Live GM she ran with it.

Paige informs that when she was lying in the ring after hurting her back and neck she knew it was serious and that her career was probably over. After having tests and MRIs the doctors told her that spinal cord had the same trauma as someone who was in a severe car crash. She was lucky to not be paralyzed during her last match, and the doctor refused to let her ever step into the ring again.
Triple H called to check on her, and when she showed back up to television Vince McMahon gave her a big hug and said, “We’ll look after you, we just want you to look after yourself”. That was very special for her. She asked if she could retire at WrestleMania in New Orleans, and WWE approved her request.

She was told to show up at Smackdown the following week, and when she showed up to the building she was told that she was going to be the new General Manager. She couldn’t believe it, and she credits Shane McMahon for being very nice and helpful to her during those first few weeks.
She admits that it has been challenging to remember the lengthy scripts. As everyone knows, WWE scripts change right up until showtime, so it’s nearly impossible to remember everything word for word at the last minute. Regardless, she loves the challenge and even if she can’t remember certain words she knows what points she’s supposed to get across, and she’s able to do that.

Garcia asks Paige if she holds any anger towards Sasha Banks for the kick to the back that ended her career. Paige points out that similar to the incident with Brie Bella and Liv Morgan last week, accidents happen in this business. Nobody is perfect, and in the wrestling business accidents often mean injuries. She felt very bad for Brie because Brie has never hurt anybody during her career, yet she has received so much backlash simply because of the stigma surrounding the term, “Diva” and the fact that she’s a Bella.

The one thing that Paige didn’t like about the Brie/Liv Morgan incident, was the fact that Morgan continued the match. She doesn’t think Morgan’s tag team partners should have let her back in the ring to take a suplex, and she doesn’t think the referee should have allowed it either. She points out that Sasha Banks is a professional because she refused to continue the match when she knew Paige was hurt in the ring that night.
Paige informs that she was thrilled to be a part of the new season of Total Divas as well. She had a lot of fun during this season because she tells her story on that show as well. She points out that her issues with Lana have all been worked out during the season. Those issues stemmed from a social media post from Lana, where she claimed that Paige bullied her during WWE developmental.

Paige received backlash for bullying Lana when in reality that never happened. Lana made that post in the hopes of enhancing their storyline but Paige wasn’t made aware of this and she was furious. Nonetheless, they have to spend everyday together and they knew they had to make up. Luckily, everything is fine now between them.
Paige comments on the recent critical posts from Alberto Del Rio. She says it hurt her feelings and she couldn’t believe that he was making fun of someone who had clear mental health issues during that time. She’s happy that Del Rio has moved on and she wants him and his family to be happy, but she just wants him to leave her alone. She doesn’t understand why this is still a thing.

She urged her family to not respond to him, and she doesn’t want anything to ruin how happy she is right now. She doesn’t know why Del Rio is acting this way; maybe he’s not as successful and he thought he’d be and perhaps there’s jealousy involved, but she doesn’t want this drama surrounding her anymore.
That sums up this week’s episode of Chasing Glory. You can listen to the show yourself anytime here, and I’ll catch ya next week for another recap!

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