Although WWE is always moving toward their next phase and the Evolution events will be a great night for the WWE Women’s Revolution, it seems that we’re still a ways off from having intergender wrestling.
While speaking to Manny Tsigas during his recent stay in Australia for the Super Show-Down, Triple H was questioned about intergender wrestling which some see as the next step for the WWE Women’s Revolution. The Game turned things around and said that the women don’t need men to make them Superstars because they have been able to do so much on their own.

“It’s a funny thing to me, there’s just a shock moment to that and a spectacle moment to that. Women WWE Superstars don’t need a man to make them successful in the ring. They don’t need a man to step in the ring with them to make them have a spectacular match.”
“They don’t need a man in the ring with them, they need each other, they need the opportunity, they need the platform, and they need to be set free to do what they need to do. And when we do that, they rise to the occasion, they have stolen the show, they’ve been the main event, and they will have their PPV on October 28 from New York, the first all-female WWE PPV.”
“They don’t need that and I think anybody that says, ‘Well, to have the man vs. the woman’ it’s just shock value, you don’t need it. I think when it’s done right there’s an exciting moment when it can happen, but I don’t mean to think that needs to be the standard.”

Triple H continued to say that the WWE Women’s Roster doesn’t need men to feel empowered. But for some fans they would argue that it’s not about empowerment, it’s still about equality. But it didn’t sound like Triple H really wanted to breach the subject at this time about actually making intergender matches in WWE a reality.
As time goes on, WWE might be placing a larger focus on the women from this point on even. Therefore, only time will tell what the next phase of the WWE Women’s Revolution might entail?

Thanks to Wrestling Inc for the quotes

H Jenkins

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