Daniel Bryan defeated The Miz at the Super Show-Down in Melbourne Australia and now he is the #1 contender and set to face AJ Styles at Crown Jewel. But the match was super short and if you blinked you might have missed it.
Richard Trionfo said on PW Insider Elite audio update where he went over the Super Show-Down that one of the reasons they decided to allow Bryan to pin The Miz with a small package so quickly might draw from Bryan’s past.

“It got me thinking back to Daniel Bryan’s days as Bryan Danielson on the independent scene he always talked about how he had the best small package in wrestling, it can not be kicked out of. So I’m hoping what we get is leading up to AJ Styles vs Daniel Bryan we’ll talk about that match cause we don’t know what’s going to happen.”
“I hope we get a bunch of Daniel Bryan matches where he just beats people with the small package. So it kind of takes away from the flying knee.”

There could have been a lot of other reasons why Bryan vs The Miz was so short. They might have just needed to trim the match to make way for the main event and the celebration/beatdown afterward. But it could be leading WWE fans to grow used to a different Daniel Bryan where he changes up his moveset to more of a wrestling-based offense.
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H Jenkins

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