When a tag team champion gets injured it’s never a good thing. Therefore, when Bobby Fish suffered an injury that required time off the road, his Undisputed Era partners were in a tough situation. Thankfully, Roderick Strong was right there and ready to step in. All he needed was an armband that they actually presented to him a long time ago, he just needed to put it on.
But with Bobby Fish’s return coming up very soon it begs the question of what they will do with the NXT Tag Team titles. After all, Roderick Strong was put in the stable because they needed someone to help carry the belts.
It was noted on PW Insider Elite audio update that the Undisputed Era very well could utilize the Freebird Rule when Bobby Fish becomes a part of the plan once again rather than break up anything they currently have going and squashing their momentum in the process as Mike Johnson said:

“I like [the Freebird Rule] and I don’t see any reason why just because [Fish] is back to end the run just because he’s back. That’s premature.”

Only time will tell what WWE does, after all if they split up the Undisputed Era it would certainly amount to some great drama in the ring, but it might not be needed just yet. There could still be some great stories left on the table if they break up the UE too soon. But in the end, it’s really nobody’s call except for Triple H and the heads down in NXT.
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