Johnny Impact On Receiving A Cease And Desist Letter Over Using A Certain Name In WWE

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It seems like Johnny Impact is a guy who can go by many names and everyone usually knows who people are referring to. He’s been Johnny Nitro, John Morrison, John Hennigan (his real name), Johnny Mundo, Johnny Impact and there are probably a couple we’re missing. But one name he really wants to use isn’t going to happen because he received a legal letter for using is.

The Mayor Of Slamtown recently spoke to Women’s Wrestling Weekly where he revealed that one name, Johnny Blaze is actually a name he would love to go by. But apparently, Marvel and Method Man have an issue with him using the moniker.

“If I had to pick one name, it would Johnny Blaze. Johnny Blaze is the first name I wanted to be at the very beginning of my wrestling career. I was Johnny Blaze for one episode of RAW before we got a cease and desist from Method Man and also from Marvel.”

As Johnny’s travels in pro wrestling continue he might adopt a couple new last names to go by. But one thing is for sure, Johnny Blaze is off limits due to the previous ownership claims on the name.

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