WWE is sports entertainment and dancing is one of the oldest forms of entertainment. Some WWE Superstars have backgrounds that required them to dance and it turns out the WWE Universe might like to see them do just that.
One interesting thing about the WWE MMC is you can see exactly how many people are watching when you’re viewing it live.
Dave Meltzer noted on Wrestling Observer Radio that he observed a pretty remarkable thing while watching the WWE Mixed Mach Challenge this week. Two married couples in Jimmy Uso and Naomi and the Rusevs were wrestling each other, but it turns out the crowd cared little for the actual wrestling.

“So they’re in there and there’s not a lot of people watching that and all of a sudden the match stops and I think Naomi challenges Lana to a dance contest. So all this music plays and Lana’s dancing and Naomi’s dancing and the viewership like skyrockets — absolutely skyrockets. The crowd’s going crazy. Naomi’s a good dance, Lana can dance but she’s not on Naomi’s level but she can dance. This thing’s like skyrocketing.”
“This goes on for minutes and the number of viewers are just up, up, up, up, up and I’m blown away and going like, ‘how are all these people coming all at once? I mean it’s crazy! Because nobody’s watching this thing and it still wasn’t good numbers but it was skyrocketing every second it’s like hundreds of people are coming onto this thing.”
“They’re dancing — the crowd’s going wild for minutes on end and then they have the people vote and pretty much everybody voted for Naomi because she was better and Jimmy Uso puts on the glasses and tries to do the Too Cool dance like Rikishi, his dad. Then he puts the glasses on Rusev and Rusev kicks him in the face which I thought was great. He did not want to dance at all. Then they have a match and watch those viewers… they plummet!”

It looks like WWE might have been able to tap into something fun and effective with dance breaks in their programming. Let’s just see how the WWE Mixed Match Challenge might use this little piece of information to alter their show from now on.
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