WCW Faction Reunites In Surprising Moment During Indie Show

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You can’t let your eyes deceive you on this one even though it looks like something you’d never see coming in most situations. After all, it’s been a long time since Raven had his Flock, but the WCW and ECW alumn was able to reunite with at least one member of his former faction during a recent UCW show.

As you can see from the signs in the background, this took place at the Georgia State Fair and it was a free show, but those fans who gathered around the wrestling ring got to see something pretty cool.

Lodi and Raven reunited 21 years after they first formed their famous stable of outlanders. Lodi updated his social media with some pictures of the event as proof that it actually happened. Because after all, if there’s no pics then there’s no proof according to most people on the interwebs.

It was a pretty cool moment, but I wouldn’t expect too much of a reunion unless someone books it to happen. Either way, it is certainly one of those little things to remind fans how old they are because they remember the first appearance of Raven’s Flock on WCW Nitro.

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