You never know what John Cena is up to next and as much as we try to keep tabs on him, he is going to keep doing whatever he wants and popping up in any different place. Although it looks like he’ll be staying out of the USA for a bit due to all of the jobs he has around the world, it seems Cena is always talking about his next big project.
Cena doesn’t really explain his tweets much and with so many things going on at once for him, you can never really know what he’s directing his focus on. After all, he could always just be throwing out life advice on his social media. But Cena’s latest tweet makes it seem like there is something in the works that might be having some trouble getting past the negotiation stages.
“The words ‘non-negotiable’ automatically kill a situation. Anything can be negotiated it takes knowing your needs, listening to the needs of others, and coming up with a resolve that all feel is fair,” John Cena tweeted out. This is very interesting to say the least, but only time will tell what it actually means.
After all, Cena could very well be talking to any number of people about future projects judging by how popular he is. But you know if the deal isn’t right for John, it’s not going to work for him.

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